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    Just what is Arts Integration?

    There are many definitions of Arts Integration that range from having music playing in the background of a classroom, which I would refer to as surface integration, all the way to creating a lesson plan that connects to the standards that are currently being taught in the regular classroom. The lesson that directly connects to the classroom learning is a deeper or stronger type of integration, and has been proven to improve student achievement.

    What happens in the Arts Integration room?

     I have met with each grade level team to ask them which standards (English Language Arts and Math) they are going to be teaching during the quarter, or which standards they've noticed that their students need a bit more reinforcement or practice. During that collaborative meeting, I will suggest a lesson idea that will integrate one of the 4 art forms (dance, music, theater, or visual art). The collaboration meeting is vital to the outcome of the lesson so that the students have the foundation from which to expand through the arts.

    Arts Integration isn't a new idea, but it's new to Gallego and Sunnyside, and I'm very excited to be a part of the team!

    Stop by some time.....and see what we can do!

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