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Language Arts

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Foundations in Math



                                         K-6 Curriculum

(Math, ELA, Science, & Social Studies)


Middle School                              


              Math- Grade 6                             Math- Grade 7                                             Math Grade 8                                          Algebra 1




        Science- Grade 6                                                Science- Grade 7                                          Science- Grade 8



     Social Studies- Grade 6                               Social Studies- Grade 7                              Social Studies- Grade 8



     ELA- Grades 6-8


High School



              Algebra 1                                              Geometry                                        Algebra 2 Courses



 World History/Geography                                 U.S. History                                ELA- Grades 9-12                   AP Courses-MyLab



      Integrated Science                                   Biology                                         Chemistry                                          Earth Science




Curriculum Newsletter

Transition Life Skills Curriculum

The important outcome from the TCE Contamination and Clean-up Curriculum is for students to learn something about the community they live in and for them to gain an understanding of how people, who work together can, solve environmental problems.

The nature of science and technology, the role of community leaders and government, and the need to understand our world are the underlying themes threaded throughout the lessons.

It is hoped that new understandings in all these become apparent in the student’s finished products. You will know the students have “gotten it” when they voice questions wondering what we, as a community, are doing presently that might be found to be harmful to our surroundings in the future!

This is a collection of shared resources for our Physical Education teachers.

This LEARN page hosts resources for the Sunnyside Unified School District Intervention Program.