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    Special Education Department

    Resource Teacher- Roxanne Camus, M.Ed.

    Speech Language Pathologist- Tara Weber, M.S.

    School Psychologist- Kim Freidah Brown, Ph.D.

  • Meet Us!

    Ms. Camus is a passionate teacher, working to enable students to develop skills that will help them in all subject areas, build self-esteem and develop a life-long love of learning!

    Ms. Camus has been teaching for more than 30 years! She has two beautiful daughters who are U of A students and loves to travel, cook and eat, read, and prides herself on being a life-long learner!

    She is always available to help you, just ask!

    Ms. Weber

    Dr. Brown is our half time school psychologist, now in her fourth year serving the Gallego school community.  She is energized to see all children thrive, when the school, home and community work together to improve student learning, behavior and mental health.  

    After working and raising a family in Mexico and Nicaragua for 18 years, she returned to Sunnyside School District in 2010, where she had started as bilingual psychologist in 1988.  Life is very different than when she left, now with adult children and a toddler grandson, whom she adores.  She still enjoys singing, playing guitar, traveling, laughing, and being with people.

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