Technology-infused Teaching and Learning

SAMR is a model designed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura to help educators infuse technology into teaching and learning. The model supports teachers in designing, developing, and integrating digital learning experiences that have a significant impact on student outcomes. The goal is to transform learning experiences so they result in higher levels of achievement for students.

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Our Digital Learning Goals

  • Teach and learn through digital content, in a technology-rich learning environment
  • Instill meaningful technology integration incorporating the 4 C’s (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication)
  • Reposition learners in the classroom to be empowered to be creators, not consumers
  • Assist teachers to master the role of  facilitator
  • Develop fluency in coding and computational thinking



We are committed to academic excellence for all students

by cultivating a community that is respectful, responsible, and reliable. 


Sierra 2-8 School will ensure all students reach high academic achievement

in accordance with the College and Career Readiness Standards.  

We are committed to a comprehensive system of support based on rigor, relevance and relationships.

Professional resources for our Faculty and our Staff members.