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PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook Has Arrived!

PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook Has Arrived!

by Frank McCormick -
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PowerTeacher Pro represents the most significant improvement to the teacher gradebook ever.  Over ten years in the making, PowerTeacher Pro was designed around the needs of teachers and administrators and features…

  • No More Java Dependencies!-  This means that the gradebook can be launched right from your attendance dashboard without installing any other software.
  • Mobile Responsive Design–  This means that the site will look the same no matter what kind of device you bring it up on (e.g. laptop, tablet, smart phone…etc).
  • Fully Integrated Standards Based Grading- Which allows teachers to easily track student progress by standards performance as well by traditional grade completion.
  • Built-In Progress Reporting-  Allows the teacher to track by individual student or whole class section.
  • Cleaner Interface-  Makes tool bars easier to find and locate and simplifies assignment and category creation.
  • Multiple Course Set-Up-  New assignments can be applied to multiple sections all at the same time (no more copy and paste).
  • And much, much, more!

Teachers can learn all about the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook by visiting the tutorial page (linked here) under “Support Docs” in the Sunnyside LEARN page.

Because the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook has been activated for all grade levels, teachers should no longer use the OLD LAUNCH to active their gradebook within PowerSchool.  

Instead, the PowerTeacher Gradebook can be launched directly from your attendance dashboard within PowerSchool.


The first time you launch your gradebook, teachers will be prompted to import any grades or assignments which may have already been entered into your gradebook from the current year.  NOTE:  If you intend on duplicating and recreating any assignments from the previous school year DO NOT import your assignments at this time.  Teachers can learn more about how to copy assignments from the prior school year within the FAQ Section of the PowerTeacher Tutorial page.

Administrators:  Unlike the old gradebook, school administrators (Principals and Instructional Coaches) can access a view of any of your school teacher’s gradebooks without having to launch any outside apps or software.  Simply follow the directions posted below…

  1. Log in to your administrator dashboard in PowerSchool at
  2. Pull up the teacher whose gradebook you would like to look into from the dashboard.
  3. Along the left side of the page, click on the PowerTeacher Pro link to launch the teacher gradebook

Gradebook access for administrators are READ ONLY, which allows us to maintain the integrity of teacher grades and promote accountability and data accuracy.  During the first weeks of school, we will be continuing to update grade scales and standards for each of your teacher sections to make the gradebook even more functional.  In the meantime, please feel free to explore all the new features and let us know if you have any questions.