*Sierra Laptop collection is completed.  Here are our statistics:

 Laptops returned-

                6th grade- 100% of all laptops returned

                7th grade- 100% returned

                8th grade- 100% returned

                                That's right!  All 978 out of 978 Sierra laptops were returned after being checked out this year!

                Lost or stolen laptops for the year- just under 1% of Sierra laptops were lost or stolen and not recovered this year!



                Only 4% of Sierra laptops (39 total) were rated “1-star”, or needing parts ordered and extensive repairs before they can be given back to students for use.  88% of all Sierra laptops will need little to no repair.

                Key replacement will be the most common repair needed.

Thank you taking care of the equipment entrusted to you.  And a big thank your to our Sierra teachers and Tech team for helping students be responsible, accountable and productive with their technology. This fall, our inventory of student  laptops will be refreshed with new 14” HP Chromebooks!



Student/Family Property:  Students, a reminder that, as per the contract which you signed at the start of the year, the Sunnyside School District is not responsible for any data, photos, media files…etc. which are left on district machines once they have been turned in.  This policy also applies to any personal items such as flash drives, headphones…etc. which students leave in the pockets when they turn their cases in.

***Remember to transfer any files you want to save to your Google Drive or a flashdrive, and check your case and laptop for flashdrives, DVDs, earbuds, headphones and any other personal belongings.  Laptop collection starts Wednesday, May 14.



We are committed to academic excellence for all students.


Sierra Middle School will ensure all members of the educational community reach a high level of academic achievement as determined by the Common Core Standards.  We will commit to a comprehensive system of support to assure this outcome based on rigor, relevance and relationships to ensure student success.